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So far, I love the cushion. It's very well constructed, and even came with its own drawstring bag. I had back surgery and am in constant pain. I also have an electric tricycle that I love to ride. This cushion helps smooth out the bumps in the road. Thusly minimizing the jarring on my back. Thusly? Who uses that word anymore? :-) Thanks, you have a great product! 

- Richard - North Carolina


This product delivers results! It is well made that you feel comfortable after hours of seating on it. Thank you Clever Yellow! :-) 

- B.B.E - Indiana


This is a great cushion, I have a chair that I love but can replace the seat cushion on and it was causing some lower back pain. I found this cushion and read the reviews and decided to give it a try. It is amazing, no back pain its easy to get used to and I like the removable leather case. If you also worry about frustration free packaging you will really like how this arrives... 

- Eric.D.Thom - California


I bought the Clever Yellow seat wedge a few months ago and it's the only product that solves my back problem. Other seat wedge and back aid products that I have owned have provided either:

1) a wedge shape for proper hip and back alignment or,

2) an unstable surface to keep my back muscles moving and prevent lockups.

None of my other back aid products provided both functions together. But the Clever Yellow does. And it's highly effective. The Clever Yellow seat cushion is significantly more expensive than most of other back aid products out there. But it was worth the price. The wedge looks and performs great. The craftsmanship of the seat itself is very high quality. A step above any other seat wedge that I have seen. I use this wedge on my office chair at work, because that's where I spend most of my time sitting, but I was thinking of getting another one for my car and home.

This is an excellent product. Highly recommended.

- Sarah Bowmon - Florida


I work with people who have had back pain for years.   Sitting still is the worst thing you can do for your back but so many of us do it all day long. The solution is simple - the right type of exercise, good posture and movement.  I tell all my clients to get up and move around from their desks or stop and walk around if they have a long drive.  Don't sit still!  I recommend the Clever Yellow seat cushion because even when you are sat it encourages movement.

- Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Jill Williams


So what are you waiting for?  End back pain and order today!