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Stability Seat Wedge



What makes this different from other seat cushions and wedges?

The Clever Yellow Stability Seat Wedge is the first of its kind. It makes sitting more active. Air is transferred back and forth between the two air cells creating a constantly adjusting seat. These very subtle movements encourage you to balance yourself while you are sitting, ensuring your core stabilizing muscles remain strong and supportive.

The wedge design tilts your pelvis to improve your posture and reduce pressure on your lower spine during prolonged sitting. It is made from high quality comfort foam and pressurized air cells, so it will not deflate over time. The wipe down removable cover not only provides long-lasting protection, it is made with high-grade luxury vinyl so it will look sleek in your home or office.


How will Air Cell Technology benefit me?

The Twin Air Cell Technology of the Stability Seat Wedge is unique and patent protected. Air Cell Technology allows your body to sit still while subtlety activating your core and back muscles simultaneously. As you tilt back and forth, side to side, or in any other direction, the Stability Seat Wedge shifts pockets of air beneath you. As pockets of air are transferred, your body reacts by wanting to rebalance itself. Because you are in a constant state of light movement, your muscles and bones stay activated, thereby strengthening your back and core muscles.

Note: All movements are very subtle because of the restricted air flow and designed not to aggregate those with back pain. After 2 days most report that they do not realize that they moving anymore as their core stabilizing muscles take over. It is also recommended to take breaks and get up from your seating position as often as possible.